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Movable Glass

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Discover the flexibility and modernity of our comprehensive range of movable glass solutions. From sliding glass doors to movable glass partitions, we offer customizable options to transform and optimize your space. Embrace an open and versatile environment that seamlessly blends rooms and maximizes natural light. Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, our movable glass solutions deliver durability and functionality. Whether for residential or commercial use, trust us to provide innovative and stylish movable glass solutions that elevate your space to new heights of design and functionality.

Movable Glass

Different types of movable glass options that we provide

Movable Glass Walls

Movable Glass Walls

Our movable glass walls provide a flexible and customizable solution for dividing spaces. Glass walls can slide, fold, or pivot, allowing you to open up or enclose areas as needed. We offer a seamless transition between spaces while providing excellent sound insulation and maximizing natural light.

Movable Glass Partitions

Movable Glass Partitions

Movable glass partitions are designed to create temporary or permanent divisions within a room. We can be sliding, folding, or hinged, providing adaptability to your space requirements. Movable Glass partitions are perfect for offices, conference rooms, and commercial spaces.

Movable Glass Doors

Movable Glass Doors

Our movable glass doors offer a sleek and modern entrance solution. We can be sliding or pivoting, providing easy access and a visually appealing entrance to different areas. Movable glass doors are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Movable Glass Screen

Movable Glass Screens

We have Movable glass screens are freestanding units that can be easily relocated to create privacy or separate spaces. These screens are versatile and can be used in offices, retail environments, or as room dividers in residential settings.

Movable Glass Partitions With Integrated Blinds

Movable Glass Partitions with Integrated Blinds

We offer movable glass partitions with integrated blinds, providing an additional layer of privacy and light control. These partitions allow you to adjust the level of transparency and maintain a comfortable environment.

Movable Glass Whiteboards

Movable Glass Whiteboards

Enhance collaboration and creativity with our movable glass whiteboards. These versatile glass boards can be moved around the office or classroom, providing a functional writing surface while adding a modern touch to the space.

Movable Glass Display Walls

Movable Glass Display Walls

We offer Movable glass display walls are perfect for exhibitions, showrooms, or retail spaces. These walls can be easily reconfigured to showcase products or create a dynamic environment for different events or promotions.

Movable Glass Roofs

Movable Glass Roofs

Transform indoor spaces into open-air environments with our movable glass roofs. These roofs can be retracted to expose the sky and can be closed when weather conditions require shelter. We are ideal for restaurants, bars, or residential spaces with outdoor seating areas.

Our Installation Process

Our installation process is simple, efficient, and hassle-free. Here is a brief overview of the steps involved:

Site Survey

We will conduct a site survey to assess the space and take measurements.

Material Selection

We will conduct a site survey to assess the space and take measurements.


We will fabricate the glass partitions to your exact specifications in our state-of-the-art factory.

Aluminum Door Frame Repair​


Our team of skilled technicians will install the glass partitions quickly and safely, minimizing disruption to your work environment.

We use Top Quality Material

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials for our glass partition installations, ensuring exceptional durability and stunning aesthetics

Glass Panels

These are the main component of the glass partition. You can choose from different types of glass, such as tempered or toughened glass, laminated glass, or even frosted or decorative glass, depending on your specific requirements.


Depending on the type of glass partition, you may need frames to hold the glass panels in place. Frames can be made of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or other sturdy materials. The choice of frame material will depend on factors like design preference, budget, and desired aesthetics.

Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets and seals are used to secure the glass panels within the frames and prevent water, dust, or air leakage. They also help absorb shocks and vibrations, enhancing the stability and safety of the glass partition.

Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant is used to create a watertight and airtight seal between the glass panels and the frames. It helps to improve the overall stability, weather resistance, and durability of the glass partition.

Hardware and Fittings

Various hardware and fittings are required for the installation of glass partitions, such as hinges, handles, locks, and brackets. These components provide functionality, ease of use, and security to the glass partitions.

Fasteners and Anchors

Fasteners and anchors are essential for securely attaching the frames to the walls, floor, or ceiling, depending on the installation method. They provide structural support and ensure the glass partitions remain stable and safe.

Why Crystal Casa

Some of the many reasons why we are customers first choice for glass and aluminium works

Quality Products

Crystal Casa offers superior glass products that are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Budget Friendly

At Crystal Casa, we believe in providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our glass products

High Tech Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes advanced technology and techniques, ensuring precision and excellence in every glass piece we produce.

Timely Delivery

We prioritize prompt delivery, ensuring that our customers receive their glass supplies on time, meeting project deadlines and minimizing any disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Movable glass systems are flexible and customizable partitions made of glass panels that can be moved, folded, or stacked to create various room configurations. These systems are designed to provide functionality and aesthetics, allowing spaces to be easily transformed and adapted to different needs.

Movable glass systems typically consist of individual glass panels that can slide along a track or pivot on hinges. Depending on the design, they can be manually operated or equipped with motorized mechanisms for easier movement. When closed, the glass panels create a solid and transparent barrier, when opened, they create an open and interconnected space.

Movable glass systems are used in a wide range of settings, including offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and residential interiors. We are particularly popular in spaces that require flexibility and the ability to create various room configurations.

Movable glass systems offer several advantages, such as:

    • Flexibility: We allow for quick and easy reconfiguration of spaces, accommodating changing needs and activities.
    • Transparency: Movable glass systems maintain visibility and an open feel, promoting natural light flow and a sense of connection between areas.
    • Acoustics: Some systems come with soundproofing options, providing privacy and noise control when required.
    • Aesthetics: We contribute to a modern and elegant interior design, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.
    • Space optimization: Movable glass systems make efficient use of available space by eliminating the need for fixed walls and maximizing usable area.

Yes, movable glass systems are highly customizable. You can choose from different glass types (such as clear, frosted, or patterned), frame finishes, hardware styles, and even integration with other materials like wood or metal to match your interior design preferences.

Movable glass systems are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth will keep the glass panels clear and free from smudges. The tracks and hardware should also be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure smooth operation.

Yes, movable glass systems are designed with safety and durability in mind. High-quality tempered glass is commonly used, providing strength and safety. The systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Some movable glass systems are designed for exterior use, particularly for creating versatile and functional outdoor spaces. These systems are constructed with weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining the transparency and aesthetics of glass.

Cleaning and maintaining movable glass systems typically involve regular washing with a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. The tracks and hardware should also be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure smooth operation.

We are one of the most cost-effective glass providers in Dubai. The cost depends on the movable glass measurements and the quality/brand of the material chosen by the customer. Contact us to request a quote.

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